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Eliot speaks with Mike Consol, the producer and host of Novelist Spotlight, a video/podcast that interviews published fiction writers to gather their insights, writing techniques and advice — and get up to speed on their latest piece of work.

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Now, Appalachia is hosted and produced by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. Now, Appalachia is a podcast that profiles the authors and publishers with connections to the Appalachian region and how the region influences and impacts their works. Appalachia is made up of 423 counties across 13 states and spans 206,000 square miles with 26 million residents calling the region "home." Appalachia has some of the best and most prolific writers and publishers working today.


The Authors on the Air Global Radio Network is an international digital media company featuring radio talk shows, podcasts, live video streaming, videocasts, and book reviews available in 153 countries on most audio and video platforms. Our mission is to connect creative people and their stories to our listeners and readers.

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